Most Beautiful Cat Breeds in the World

1. Turkish Angora: This is a mixed breed cat, which came from both the Persians and Angoras. This is a very old breed of cat and gained most of its popularity during the 19th century in USA. They are very elegant looking and graceful breed, which have a very good history over the years. Select this breed if you really looking for gentle cat.

2. British Short Hair: It is one of the most ancient breeds of cat in the world and this breed was actually imported to Britain from Egypt in the 1st century A.D. Normally this cat breed is medium sized and are very affectionate in nature. You can say them as a perfect friend for the whole family and will stay calm all the time. They are found in various colors and the selection is up to you.

3. Birman: Birman is a cat breed that will surely attract any body around them. You may have heard about the Birman because it is regarded as the sacred cat of Burma. The most attractive part of this breed is their eyes. They have a bluish eye and have originated from Burma. During their first two years after birth every Birman cats remain complete white but after that, they starts developing various marks all over their body.

4. Toyger: You can easily assume that this name Toyger came from Tiger because they almost look like a tiger. This is a cross breed between a Bengal cat and a British short hair. Though there are still very rare and are almost impossible to find outside the United States. This breed is still being developed but for sure, they are actually very intelligent, lovable and friendly cats.

5. Ragdoll: A very popular cat breed and common among the cat lovers, Ragdolls are actually very affectionate, playful and loyal cats. They hardly want to know anything beyond their home. This breed is extremely intelligent and can be trained for various activities. But remember that this cat breed sheds a lot which is not liked by many people.

6. Siamese: Looking for a social cat? Siamese are the most communicative cats in the whole list. Though they have a large and loud voice but still you will love it buzzing around the house. You will find them following you all the time and perhaps their most beautiful place is your lap. They have a muscular body and are known for their almond shaped eyes. Siamese cats are found in different shade variations.

7. Exotic Shorthair: This cat breed is also known well by another name that is Persian shorthair. They have almost the same attitude and appearance like the Persian cats but only with short hairs. This cat breed is a very popular pet choice around the world and is well known for their loyalty, playful and affectionate nature. They are available in wide variety of colors and have the same flat, shot and broad face like the Persians.

8. Abyssinian: Yeah! they are named after the Abyssinia, which is the former name of Ethiopia. Actually, it is thought that this cat breed has originated from that place. It also has a resemblance with the sacred cat of Egypt. They are too intelligent, active and playful and can be trained very easily.

9. Scottish Fold: Now the cat with unique ears, which you will hardly found in any other cat breeds. Almost everything you will find is breed is round. They have a round face and even round eyes. Amazingly, they can sit on their hind legs by balancing the body for a long time in that position. They are actually very playful and affectionate.

10. Persian: It is one of the most popular and oldest cat breeds in the world. This is a very attractive breed that has originated from Persia long long years ago. They are actually found in more than 80 color variants and have long furs all over their body. Persians always love to stay in the center of attraction and are generally quiet and calm in nature.

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