The Strangely Pretty Trend Of Sandwich Cakes

We live in a confusing world where one food stuff is meant to look like another – everything is upside down, essentially. Sushi made out of cake, donuts made out of sushi, and now…something much more sinister.

Cakes, something we all hold dear to our hearts (I hope otherwise you are cold and don’t have a soul), have now been subjected to this trend. Sandwiches are being constructed and decorated as though they were cakes.

I don’t know when someone looked at an utterly perfect sandwich, and thought “how can I take this to the next level?” Well, it’s a Scandinavian trend (they are into some pretty strange and whimsical things), so that sort of explains it. But still, why take the essence of the sandwich (fillings between two pieces of bread) and interpret it in the most unholy way ever (layered fillings with decorations that mimic desserts)?

No, that is not sweet vanilla buttercream, it’s actually whipped cream cheese. And those delicate rose buds are made out of deli meat. Ham roses. In the layers, sit these sandwich fillings. Basically a 9 layer cream cheese sandwich? Not sure how hungry we are for that, but we’ll try to keep an open mind.

People thought, why do we have to separate the worlds of tea time and savory lunch meals? Everyone with a loyal sweet tooth is probably looking at these meat, egg, cheese layered monstrosities with horror and confusion. The confusion bit I think we can all get behind. This would definitely not go on our tea time menu, but we wouldn’t say no if someone offered a slice.

Although we would definitely love to spend hours making the perfect shrimp roses, these seem like a bit of a nightmare to store, and eating a slice of sandwich just doesn’t sound as satisfying as holding it between our hands and hearing that crunch as we bite down on its soft, bready shell.

The addition of herbs, and artisanal takes on the sandwich cake have made this concept marginally more ok, but not really. Still looks like something out of one of those bizarre 1960’s cookbooks. We’ll stick to eating our BLT on its own, and then shoving our face full of decadent cake after.

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